The Far Out Space Nuts

Far Out Space Nuts was Sid and Marty Krofft's seventh (or sixth) television show; sixteen episodes aired on Saturday mornings in 1975. The show was co-created by Chuck McCann & Earle Doud.

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One day, while loading up a NASA space shuttle for an upcoming mission, two bumbling maintenance workers, Junior and Barney accidentally launch themselves into outer space (while Barney loaded the astronauts' meals, Junior pressed the launch button when Barney said lunch). The two later crashland on a strange planet, where they meet with an alien they name Honk (who communicates by honking, rather than speaking); each episode features them trying to get back home, only to crashland on a different alien planet.

Notably one of the Krofft's' weakest shows, Fat Out Space Nuts channeled the spirit of earlier Krofft shows, not only featuring characters trying to get home, but because of the heavy slapstick comedy; Sid Krofft even said in an interview the show relied on the Laurel and Hardy-esque banter between Junior and Barney.

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Far Out Space Nuts was produced for sixteen episodes for CBS's Saturday morning lineup for the 1975 TV season.

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Production NotesEdit

Far Out Space Nuts was the first Krofft show produced for CBS; previous Krofft shows were produced for NBC or ABC.

  • Was the first series completely executive produced by Sid and Marty Krofft (they previous executive produced the final season of Land of the Lost(1974).