Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, self-titled LP

Kaptain Kool and the Kongs (LP)
Kaptain Kool and the Kongs
Released 1978
Label Epic Records

'Kaptain Kool and the Kongs' is the self-titled LP from the band who appeared on The Krofft Supershow

Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. And I Never Dreamed
    Written by Gino Cunico, H. Scales
    Blackwood Music, Inc./Scor-Bra-Ario Pub./Homegrown Music (BMI)

  2. This Time
    Written by M. Hunter, T. Hunter, R.M. Taylor
    Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI)

  3. You Put Some Love in My Life
    Written by H. Scales, Gino Cunico
    Blackwood Music, Inc./Scor-Bra-Ario Pub./Homegrown Music, Inc. (BMI)

  4. When You Feel It
    Written by Michael Lembeck, Bert Sommer
    Blackwood Music, Inc./Ripparthur Music/Sommersongs Music (BMI)

  5. True Love Is On Its Way
    Written by L. Huff, S. Tucker
    Blackwood Music, Inc./Double Diamond Music, Inc. (BMI)

  6. The Whole World Will Be Dancin'
    Written by H. Scales, Don Oriolo, Paul Naumann
    Scor-Bra-Ario Pub./Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI)/April Music, Inc.

  7. Crazy Girl
    Written by R. Sandler
    Blackwood Music, Inc./Double Diamond Music, Inc. (BMI)

  8. You Saved Me
    Written by Paul Naumann
    Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI)

    9. Melanie
    Written by Gino Cunico
    Blackwood Music, Inc..Homegrown Music (BMI)

  9. Free
    Written by Gino Cunico, Paul Naumann
    Blackwood Music, Inc..Homegrown Music (BMI)

  10. Sing Me a Song
    Written by Gino Cunico
    Blackwood Music, Inc..Homegrown Music (BMI)

Sing Me a Song Single

Singles[edit | edit source]

  • And I Never Dreamed (Double A-Side) - Epic #5067
  • And I Never Dreamed backed with Sing Me a Song - Epic #50627
  • Sing Me a Song backed with True Love Is on the Way (UK Release) - Power Exchange Records #PX267

Album Credits[edit | edit source]

Epic Records JE 35447
Produced by John Madara & Gino Cunico
Executive Producer - Irwin Mazur
Arranged by Tom Hensely
Vocal Arrangements by Gino Cunico
Engineered by Matt Hyde
Special Consultant: Artie Ripp
Recorded at United/Wester Studios, Hollywood, CA
Photography: Mario Casilli
Special Thanks to: Lennie Petze, Rick Smith, Bob Perlstein, Wayne Rooks & Rich Heller
A Krofft Entertainment Production in association with April/Blackwood Productions

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