Robert Shields - Fol-de-Rol 01

Robert Shields as the Mime in Fol-de-Rol

Fol-de-Rol Christa - Robert Shields - HB Kennedy

Christa, Robert Shields and H.B. Kennedy in Fol-de-Rol

'Robert Shields' is an American actor who starred as the Mime in Fol-de-Rol.

Better known as half of the act Shields and Yarnell, Shields didn't speak for the first four years of his life and he spoke with a stutter until he was 17 years old, so the transition to professional pantomime seemed a logical choice. He first gained attention working as a street mime in San Francisco and soon he and his partner (and then-wife), Lorene Yarnell, transitioned to television, even headlining their own TV show in 1977. Perhaps Shields' biggest claim to fame is he was credited for creating the popular dance move "The Robot."

In recent years, Shields has bowed out of the public eye; he currently owns and operates Robert Shields Design, a jewelry design firm based in Arizona.

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