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The ElectraComs Edit

The ElectraComs were bulky wrist devices worn by the title characters. They could function as two-way radios with video capabilities; they also served a variety of other specialized functions, which allowed the duo to escape various traps devised by their enemies. With the addition of special cartridge attachments, the ElectraComs were additionally seen to perform the following functions on the show:

  • Direct-A-Scan – navigates the title characters through buildings to the exact location of the villain.
  • Electra-Change – allows the title characters to change from their civilian clothing to the costumes of their super-powered alter-egos instantaneously.
  • Electra-Beam – emits a focused kinetic beam of energy that can "push" or "pull" objects much like a tractor or pressor beam.
  • Electra-Degravitate – allows the title characters to defy gravity for very short distances so that they can circumvent obstacles in their path or levitate themselves to higher ground.
  • Electra-Force – apparently breaks steel bars (was not available the one time it was attempted).
  • Electra-Force Shield – is essentially a force field used to detain villains once they have been caught. The shield was also used defensively as a protective barrier that can shield against physical and energy attacks.
  • Electra-Freeze – lowers the temperature of the target to below freezing.
  • Electra-G – increases the weight of the target.
  • Electra-Split – replicates target to create a copy. Both objects are left in an unstable state and it does not work on human beings.
  • Electra-Strobe – speeds the wearer's motions, thoughts, and actions 10,000 times faster than normal.
  • Electra-Vibe – creates a localized sonic field that can shatter glass or disorient an opponent who is not equipped with earplugs.
  • Electra-Vision – emits a blindingly bright light, turning night into day.
  • Electra-X – is a portable X-ray that reveals the target's skeleton or identity beneath any disguise.
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