Fum begins to blow a fuse (literally)

The Lost Saucer was Sid and Marty Krofft's sixth (or seventh) television show; sixteen episodes aired on Saturday mornings in 1975. The show was co-created by Dick Morgan (writer during Season Two of Land of the Lost(1974)) and Si Rose.

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One summer night in modern-day Earth, a flying saucer lands outside the home of a young boy named Jerry, and his babysitter Alice; they are greeted by futuristic androids, Fi and Fum, who invite them inside their saucer for a brief tour. Suddenly, crowds begin to gather of neighbors, and police, and in a panic, Fi and Fum take off -- with Jerry and Alice still onboard. Each episode features the androids trying to return their passengers home, only to end up taking a wrong turn, and ending up back on Earth during a different time period (in the future, or in the past). Fi and Fum also had a pet Dorse - an alien creature with the head of a miniature horse, and the body of a large shaggy dog.

Though not as memorable as other Krofft shows, The Lost Saucer had a slightly different premise than other shows - while the show recycled the same plot of characters trying to return home, the series had a deeper level of context, as opposed to strict comedy. Each episode dealt with a different theme and issue that normal wasn't discussed on Saturday morning children's fair, ranging from racism, obesity, and cruelty to animals (or Dorses in this case).

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The Lost Saucer was produced for sixteen episodes for ABC's Saturday morning lineup for the 1975 TV season.

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Production NotesEdit

The Lost Saucer is often confused and mixed up with Far Out Space Nuts - both shows had very similar plots and premises, and were on the air at the same time.

  • Was the last Krofft show with Si Rose on production staff, though he did continue to write for the Krofft afterwards, including some Wonderbug segments for The Krofft Supershow.
  • Six episodes of The Lost Saucer were later used as segments during the first season of The Krofft Supershow.